Patrick Maroso: Solar Drones





Alexandre Dang: Sun Drawing





Installation by ThoughtBarn





Craig Colorusso: Sun Boxes





Sunny Side Up – proposal for a public art installation by Hung Fai Tang and Natalie Wong





Natalia Eernstman and Bryony Onciul: Miss you Already





Lorraine Leeson: ActiveEnergy





Felix Prater: 1 of 84 million





Petrichor or The Smell of Paris Soils





Hannah Imlach: Nautilus Turbine





Endless Summer: proposal by Melissa Elliott and Elizabeth Bailey

Feeding the Insatiable

creative explorations of real and imaginary futures

a summit

November 9 -11 2016

Dartington Hall, Devon, England

Energy is an old, wily creature to walk with. It rises from the heat of the Earth’s core, falls in a sunbeam, comes with the tide to form cliffs. It takes people and places, time and technology, to transform and transport energy (it can never be destroyed). How to walk with this ethereal power, and tell its stories? How to imagine and write its futures?

Laura Watts


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Dartington Biomass & Solar

As promised (to those who were on the Renewables walk) we've attached the document that Paul read out which outlines the biomass and solar renewable energy plant on the Dartington estate. Read it...

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for Presenters

If you're presenting at the Summit, please read this page. Make sure you have your presentation available on a USB stick. It's not really possible to be switching computers between sessions.

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Choose your workshop

We had a problem with the workshop chooser and had to fix it. So the link in your email is now broken, Go here to choose your workshop

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Art…can create a ‘third space’ for public discourse.  By ‘third space’ we mean a space other than the commercial or governmental spaces for people to engage with issues.  This is often characterised by being non-hierarchical, open and willing to embrace contradiction, uncertainty, etc.

Chris Fremantle


Turn wheresoe’er I may, By night or day. The things which I have seen I now can see no more. (Wordsworth 1804)…

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A Weekend of eARTh in Devon

April 1, 2017, 10:30am - April 2, 2017, 6:00pm

near Totnes

A Weekend of eARTh Making : 'Art infused with ritual informed by Earth for Earth'. Saturday 1st April 2017 10:30 to 6pm Sunday 2nd April 2017 10am to 6pm The Week-end will cost : £160 all material included and tools provided. If you really feel moved to join us and have difficulties paying the fullamount conatct me : For all ages. Venue to be confirmed near or in Totnes, Devon, England We will explore hand sewing, needle felting, leather engraving, green wood carving, acrylic painting, hand stitching, beading and other material and skills to support you creating your Sacred Altar Talking/Listening Piece or Prayer Piece ​ It is non residential How can we, once more, be in direct communication and in intimate relationship with all of Creation? Is your circle of communication and concern uniquely human while you long to widen it to other beings? How do you make your decisions? Who do you talk to? Who is listening? Who do you feed? Who do you greet and who longs to greet you? The daily practice of being by my Altar, a gateway to all Creation, has become an essential Way Home in these turbulent times of great Thresholds. It is a time and place to speak to life, to death, to love and grief. A place to practice radical honesty (of roots) and ground. You will Create, initiate and Activate the most profound support and guidance: your own Sacred Space , a Portal of Beauty that you can take with you anywhere you are called to be, always connected to source and creation... A Sacred Way of creating a constant access to communicating with other than Humans, our Ancestros, our Human Family and our cosmology. I sense and witness , as many of us do, an increased intensity and a call for our humanity to awake, rise and rippen. Rise through and beyond the immature self and deepen our direct relationship with all of Creation: with our Earth, our Water, our Soil, our Animal family, our Trees and Plant Family, our Moon. Your own personal Altar that you meet each morning enables to grow and remember your natural innate ability to communicate directly to all of Life. To Feed it, to Sing to it, To Make Beauty, ask for Guidance, Release your Grief, Give your Praises. As many of us I have been a very transient human so to know how to Make an Altar, how to Intiate and Activate it to support my Sacred Work has been a vital part of my capacity to return Home each day...with all its turns, descents, ascents and twists... We will explore hand sewing, needle felting, leather engraving, green wood carving, acrylic painting, hand stitching, beading and other material and skills to support you creating your Sacred Altar Talking/Listening Piece or Prayer Piece - to Listen and be in direct relationship with all of the Earth's beings. Email me if you are interested or have any questions: or give me a call 07765257517 I am delighted 🙂 Azul

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