Patrick Maroso: Solar Drones





Alexandre Dang: Sun Drawing





Installation by ThoughtBarn





Craig Colorusso: Sun Boxes





Sunny Side Up – proposal for a public art installation by Hung Fai Tang and Natalie Wong





Natalia Eernstman and Bryony Onciul: Miss you Already





Lorraine Leeson: ActiveEnergy





Felix Prater: 1 of 84 million





Petrichor or The Smell of Paris Soils





Hannah Imlach: Nautilus Turbine





Endless Summer: proposal by Melissa Elliott and Elizabeth Bailey

Feeding the Insatiable

creative explorations of real and imaginary futures

a summit

November 9 -11 2016

Dartington Hall, Devon, England

Energy is an old, wily creature to walk with. It rises from the heat of the Earth’s core, falls in a sunbeam, comes with the tide to form cliffs. It takes people and places, time and technology, to transform and transport energy (it can never be destroyed). How to walk with this ethereal power, and tell its stories? How to imagine and write its futures?

Laura Watts


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Dartington Biomass & Solar

As promised (to those who were on the Renewables walk) we've attached the document that Paul read out which outlines the biomass and solar renewable energy plant on the Dartington estate. Read it...

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for Presenters

If you're presenting at the Summit, please read this page. Make sure you have your presentation available on a USB stick. It's not really possible to be switching computers between sessions.

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Choose your workshop

We had a problem with the workshop chooser and had to fix it. So the link in your email is now broken, Go here to choose your workshop

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Art…can create a ‘third space’ for public discourse.  By ‘third space’ we mean a space other than the commercial or governmental spaces for people to engage with issues.  This is often characterised by being non-hierarchical, open and willing to embrace contradiction, uncertainty, etc.

Chris Fremantle


Exploring morality and ethics, mourning, death and loss. Join us at #inothertongues take part deadline Jan 5…

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Six months ago we placed a yellow line on the screes of Wasdale - with the help of some fine people (you know who you are) - as part of of our project The Long View. To say it was an intense week or so would be an understatement, but we are proud of the piece and the general tone of the debate it provoked.

When we took it down our friend and ace film maker Matt Sharman came along and made this 5 minute filmette about it. Worth a look if only to remind yourself of what summer looked like.

#thelongview #treecharter

National Trust Lake District, Lake District National Park, Friends of the Lake District, The Woodland Trust, Grizedale, Natural England, Millican, Arts Council England, Eden Arts, Arts & Ecology -, Landscape & Arts Network, Meindl UK Ltd, Ancient Tree Forum, Cotswold Outdoor Keswick, MSR - Mountain Safety Research, Kendal Mountain Festival,

(Nadja let Matt know it's up please).

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