Significantus is a live, interactive piano project performed in collaboration with local guest speakers; scientists, artists & other thinkers.  Touring from autumn 2016 and at Feeding the insatiable on November 9th at 9pm.

Background: I created this project because I want to stimulate more conversations about positive prospects that are presented by climate change. Guest speakers – scientists, artists and other thinkers – respond (as I have in music) to the quotes that drove the music. Audience members are invited to make spoken word contributions later in the concert programme.  My quest is that the conversation then spreads out from concerts venues, carried forward by both audience members and by the project website which will document Speaker and audience contributions.


1) Skype or phone conversation with Lola Perrin so I can explain why and how I’ve worked with the quotes I selected.  Then we can talk about how those quotes may be a springboard for a discussion you can present to the audience.  The quotes are below.  The aim is that the Speaker’s talk, and my subsequent music, will stimulate the audience to take part in a conversation later in the concert programme.  As Paul Allen says, if we don’t imagine a better future, we won’t create it; I would like to include this imagining in the conversation.

(I have learnt an icebreaker technique so that the audience, normally accustomed to being silent during a music concert, should be more inclined to make verbal contributions.)

2) On the day of performance, a short run through (15 mins) at the venue before the performance to go through our paces.

If you are interested in being my Guest Speaker on November 9th please email lola.perrin@sky.com


Email lola.perrin@sky.com

Skype lolaperrin




Download a pdf of this callout



Guest speaker addresses audience for up to approximately 15 minutes before the music starts. The composition is in 8 parts.  Parts 1, 4 & 7 are short interludes that aim to remind us that we’re on a vulnerable planet travelling through space.  Here are the titles of the 9 parts;

part 1 We are the crew of a largeish spaceship for 9 billion*
part 2 The Cusp
Part 3 External, internal
part 4 If we were on a smaller spacecraft it would be unthinkable to interfere with the systems that provide us with air, water, food and climate*
part 5 Collective Compulsion  
part 6 Do not disturb, sleepwalk in


part 7 We are playing with fire, a reckless mode of behaviour we are likely to come to regret unless we get a grip on the situation*

part 8 Conversation with the audience

          Moderated by Speaker and Lola


Then a final piece is performed


part 9 Imagine better, create





“We are on the cusp of a new philosophical era reversing 500 years of science telling us how insignificant we are.” (Mark Maslin, University College London)


 “As more and more people across global society piece together the internal and external layers of this alarming big picture; this collective, compulsive human violation of our planetary life-support system becomes one of the deepest and most pervasive sources of anxiety in our time.

Society has created taboos against the public expression of such emotion and anguish, so we struggle to realise that so many of us feel the same. We are held fast, sleepwalking through the shopping malls, distracted, paralysed and overloaded in a continuous barrage of information.

Over recent decades such collective fear and disempowerment have transformed the way we think about the future; from that exciting 1960s world of excitement, progress and anticipation – to a dark and uncertain world of fear. But if we only talk in terms of fear, chaos, collapse and devastation, we aren’t going to equip, empower and enable people – if we are unable to imagine a positive future, we won’t create it.” (Paul Allen, Centre for Alternative Technology)


*Quoted from Chris Rapley